Meet Kathyern

Kathyern Louise Lane was born 45 years ago in Paoli, Indiana. She spent much of her youth in French Lick, Indiana and some in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She lived briefly in the state of Washington as a child as well and spent 30 days in a broken down car on the Galveston, Texas beach with her two brothers, one sister, mother and step-father while nearly starving to death as a child. She was the oldest of the children and learned parenting and survival skills early.  Kathyern learned about the power of prayer during that time and learned that it really works if a person believes strongly enough. She has seen miracle after miracle and while some ridicule candidates who speak of their faith, Kathyern knows her very survival was dependent on it. She is willing to run knowing the mudslingers will be out in force, but she also knows that when the going gets tough, the tough get moving. Kathyern learned a few years ago what her first and middle names mean; her first name “Kathyern” means “purity” and her middle name, “Louise” means “warrior”.  Kathyern feels she was aptly named for was lies ahead.

Briefly, Kathyern’s childhood resembles the “Lifetime” movies people see on television, and her young adult life didn’t fare much better, but gradually Kathyern learned to roll with the punches and then to fight back. She learned that contractors aren’t always as skilled as they claim and so she would read and learn to fix whatever was broken in the house. She learned that husbands aren’t always faithful, so she learned skills to take care of herself and her children. She now knows, that politicians aren’t always all-knowing either. So, she is doing what she always has…when something doesn’t get done right, she does it herself. Today, Kathyern is married again and has been for 10 years. Her children are grown and she has six grandchildren. Kathyern has decided that the People themselves need to fix what is wrong with America, because it is in our best interest to do so. Politicians have no interest in down-sizing government or taking in less money to spend, so why do we constantly look to Professional Politicians to clean up our government? Kathyern feels that is just like giving money to the big oil companies for research into clean fuel alternatives…it just isn’t going to happen because it’s not in their best interest to do that. That’s why Kathyern is running. She knows she has the skill set to get us on the right track, but it’s up to ALL Americans to get to it!
Kathyern has worked as a babysitter, waitress, security guard, real estate agent, restaurant manager, truck driver, dental assistant, medical assistant, aircraft electrician, avionic lead, and as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, The Red Cross, and as a community organizer to gather needed items for victims of hurricanes, fires, and homelessness.
Kathyern has turned businesses around for their owners and made them profitable again…sometimes from the position of manager and sometimes from the employee level. Either way, she has the skill set to get America back on track and make her strong again.
Kathyern currently holds a secret security clearance and knows how to keep our National Security Issues secure.
It’s time to get tough on the Professional Politicians!  It’s time to let them know that the American people aren’t going to just sit here and watch our country fall! Congress keeps ignoring the will of the People… Kathyern believes it will be really hard to ignore us when one of us is leading the Nation! She believes that we can send a very clear message that we’re tired of the games by sending one of us to Washington. Kathyern knows she can win and win by a landslide because she knows that the American People are intelligent enough to pick the Candidate with the best plan for America. Congress is counting on us being too busy with day-to-day life to watch what they are doing. Congress thinks we are too stupid to do anything about what they are doing in Washington. Kathyern is running to show them just how wrong they are!
As an example, Congress believes that only they can make an amendment to the constitution by passing it with two-thirds vote of each chamber of Congress, followed by ratification by three-fourths of all the state legislatures. But there is a second, never been tried before way as well, which calls for two-thirds of the state legislatures to call for a constitutional convention. If thirty-four states call for the same amendment and thirty-eight ratify it, there will be a new Amendment to the Constitution. Kathyern is calling for all the governors of every state and the territories of the United States to submit the same call as outlined in this website. The power does NOT rest in the hands of Congress or the President…the Power always has and always will rest with the People! Many of us have forgotten that. Kathyern is running to remind us! Kathyern is an Independent disguised as a Republican. She is fair and impartial so she is our best choice if we hope to get Congress to work together to save America! Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, black, white, young, old, rich, poor, religious or not; Kathyern is the People’s Candidate. She will be a People’s President!