The Issues

 Thank you for taking the time to review the People’s Plan!
Kathyern Lane is running for President because she has a plan that will work for America. One that calls for job creation, improved education, reform of social security and welfare, improved defense, improved trade, and an overhaul of our healthcare system. Kathyern’s plan calls for reform of immigration laws and or procedures, and to make prisons at both the state and federal levels more self-sufficient. Her plan calls for a tax reform to simplify the system and measures to reduce waste in the military system so that our Nation has the security it needs and our Veterans have the support they need. Kathyern’s plan calls for immediate reform on our energy policies without eliminating the EPA but rather by limiting some of its power. Kathyern believes our government has gotten so big that it can no longer sustain itself, so a reduction is necessary as well as getting the States ready to handle a transition of some of that federal power back to the States. Kathyern’s plan is bold and aggressive and calls for all the American People to really band together to get this done.  Kathyern needs you to be ready to help pay down the debt, submit new ideas of even more helpful ways to fix what is wrong with America. She needs you to be ready to call and e-mail your Congressmen and women, as well as, the President with your concerns and ideas.  Kathyern believes in our Nation. She believes in our “can do” spirit, she believes in YOU! Kathyern Lane believes that if ALL AMERICANS contribute to this Plan with ideas, volunteer work and yes money, we WILL get our Nation back on track…maybe even BEFORE we elect the next President. Kathyern is asking for the support of ALL AMERICANS whether you are black, white, young, old, rich, poor, middle-class, Democrat, Republican, Independent, religious or not. We need to get behind one plan and get it implemented…please read Kathyern’s stand on the issues and if you agree, then please join her campaign and become one of the VOICES heard on capitol hill!

Job Creation

1.   Eliminate the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (ObamaCare.) Companies are laying off people in order to have the money necessary to fund that healthcare policy for the remaining employees. Getting rid of ObamaCare will IMMEDIATELY create job openings.  Mr. Obama can create waivers for everyone across the board if he created them for Nancy Pelosi’s district; or he can call for a repeal of this policy. If Mr. Obama really wants to create jobs for the American people and it isn’t just a ploy to get more money to spend, than this is a great first step towards recovery that doesn’t cost the taxpayers a dime! Repealing this disastrous policy will also allow companies to determine what money they will have to re-invest in their company since the high cost of ObamaCare would no longer be an issue.

2.   Reduce or eliminate the restrictions on drilling for oil and natural gas. America IS the land of plenty. It is now in our best interest to use our own resources rather than paying another country to import theirs. We need to use the money saved there to pay down our debt since the $400 million a day we currently spend (on INTEREST alone) will only go UP as we borrow more. This opens up tons of jobs for our American citizens, from drillers, to truck drivers, to administrative support to restaurants, and gas stations, as these oil production companies have to hire more people to do the drilling and truck the product to the refineries, restaurants and gas stations in the area of the drilling will serve the men and women working there with food and gas for their vehicles and the list goes on. Mr. Obama and Congress should get together and open up some of our National Park lands to this new energy and economic stimulus opportunity especially in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge area.

3.   Start building more nuclear power plants, especially in high use areas like California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Since the Three Mile Island incident in 1979 people have heard all kinds of false rumors about how dangerous Nuclear Power Plants are, but The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has reported that that accident “had negligible effects on the physical health of individuals or the environment.”  The average dose of radiation for the two million people in the area at the time was only one millirem. People who live near a nuclear power plant get exposed to one millirem of radiation a year. Kathyern believes in this source of energy so much she would be willing to live next door to one, because she knows that one chest or dental X-ray exposes a person to 10 millirems of radiation, one mammogram 30 millirems, a person’s own body produces 40 millirems of radiation in a year and if a person wears a plutonium-powered pacemaker, that person is exposed to 100 millirems of radiation a year. New technological improvements and regulations make it unlikely that an incident like Three Mile Island will ever happen again. Plus the United States has  reactors operating in the United States right now, which provides 20% of our clean CO2-free electricity. Compared to France’s use of nuclear energy to provide 80% of its CO2–free electricity, we are way behind. There are several countries already building nuclear power plants including China which currently has 7 under construction and 15 more planned to be under construction by 2030. Each new nuclear power plant requires 2,000 people to build it and 500-600 people to operate it.  This too will stimulate the economy in the areas where the nuclear power plant was built as the employees of the plant will live and spend money in that area, creating more jobs in the various retail and restaurant industries. Further, we can create jobs in the research and development sector if we put some funding out there to research using thorium instead of uranium in the new reactors.

4.   Pass the pending trade agreements with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea. The agreements with Columbia and Panama will result in new market access and lower tariffs for American businesses and farmers: most Colombian and Panamanian products already enter the U.S. duty-free under various preference programs, so any impact on U.S. jobs form imports from those countries has already occurred.  Instead, these agreements will result in new economic opportunity for America’s exporters and the U.S. businesses that support them. This could create more jobs here in America as more goods are needed to be produced to export. Similarly, America stands to gain from expanding what is already a rich trade relationship through a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea.  The agreement resolves many of the problems currently thwarting the full potential of U.S.-South Korea bilateral trade and establishes channels through which ongoing trade concerns can be addressed. Mr. Obama and Congress should get right on this NOW, and do it WITHOUT changing the current agreement since this could lead to NO AGREEMENT.

5.   Eliminate climate change type agreements. For instance if the U.S. were to impose carbon control measures on the other countries to partially compensate for the cost of carbon controls on U.S. firms, it would raise costs for American consumers and further hurt the competitiveness of U.S. exporters who depend on imports of raw materials or intermediate goods in fabricating their finished products. We need to be ever watchful on things that look innocent and good but in the long run drive UP production costs for our businesses which, in turn, lead to job losses.

6.   Our country needs to spur global economic growth and prosperity by leading the Doha Round of trade negotiations to a successful conclusion, since the Doha Development Round was founded on the principal of promoting economic development along with freer trade. The U.S should commit to getting multilateral trade talks back on track in the World Trade Organization and should remain vigilant against protectionist policies that could undermine economic progress. According to data from the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom, countries with freer trade policies experience higher per capita economic growth than countries that maintain trade barriers. The top 10% of countries in terms of trade freedom had five-year compound per capita gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates averaging 5.6%. By contrast, the 10% of countries with the lowest levels of trade freedom had a five-year per capita GDP growth averaging just half as much, or 2.8%. Right now, we need to get our gross domestic product rates UP!

7.   Reform of the tax code. Lower taxes to 10% for anyone making over $40,000/year and that includes corporations. Make an additional 2% federal sales tax on all purchases except food purchased at grocery stores. {This 2% is to be used to pay down the debt first and once the debt is paid off, it is to be divided into 1% to save for surplus and emergency-type situations (natural disasters, war, etc.) and 1% to use for new programs (like buying up gold and eventually getting America back on the Gold Standard to eliminate excessive government spending in the future.}  This 10% flat tax and 2% consumption-type tax is just the first step in eliminating taxes pulled from people’s paychecks. Eventually, the U.S. should move to a full consumption tax system whereby, each person is taxed at the cash register. The consumption tax rate would be at 12% which is the 10% and the 2% mentioned above and divided up the same way. The consumption (sales) tax will be the way our government can collect taxes on “cash only “ businesses and will also give every working American an IMMEDIATE pay raise in their checks. The 10% taken from it each week must cover the social security amount and the Medicare amount (which may be adjusted from current levels by the social security reform found later in the website), and then the rest of the 10% will be given to the Federal Government to run it. This pay raise in people’s checks will stimulate the economy by first paying down debt (which gives credit holders more money to operate and expand with) and then by buying things that people may have put off in this down economy. (Vacations, new cars, up-grades for the home, landscaping, etc.) This in turn increases the bottom line for all the businesses where the consumer shops, thus giving the businesses more operating capital to expand their businesses; which in turn requires more employees ,which in turn decreases unemployment. This is a WIN-WIN for the consumer and the businesses and allows the government to collect some tax from “cash only” businesses (revenue it didn’t see before). Our government can cut costs in many areas and reform some programs so that this amount of tax will keep the government running (More on these reform measures further down the page.) *This also eliminates the death tax, capital gains tax and any and all other tax currently being implemented except the taxes on gasoline, alcohol, and cigarettes; although these items are taxed enough already and should not see another tax increase for at least two-three decades.

8.   Expand and improve the H-1B visa program and return the cap to the 2001 quota of 195,000 visas a year instead of the current 65,000. This will allow American companies to hire highly skilled foreign workers, which will allow American companies to expand in America instead of relocating overseas. This will create more jobs for American citizens.

Improved Education

Kathyern Lane believes that the best way to improve education is to first find out where it is broken and then find solutions to fix it. Currently, we give Taks tests to supposedly determine the level of education of each child. But these tests have nothing to do with finding the education level of the student but everything to do with how well the teacher “crash-prepped” the students just before the tests were given. The best way to find out where our students actually are in their education levels is to do it the same way our teachers used to do it to find out where we actually were in our education level when we first entered a new grade level….POP QUIZZES.  That’s right… Give random pop quizzes in each subject area at different times of the year. Have each area’s schools make up quizzes for other schools in the area to use. Then whenever one school decides to do it, visit another area school and “spring it on them”. In order for this to succeed, no monetary bonus can be given to the schools that achieve a certain percent by our government. If a monetary or other such bonus is offered the “pop quiz” goes away, as each school will just start letting the other one know when they plan to show up and it will achieve nothing. Each school will just start “prepping” their students again for the new tests. If the element of surprise is there, then we would get a true gauge of where the student is academically. Once we find under-performing students, we must then find out what is causing the under-performance. Is it classroom-wide? If so, audit the class via cameras to see if the teacher is just assigning reading material, or if the teacher actually “teaches” it. Does the teacher speak in a monotone? Are the students distracted by the “class clown”, room temperature? etc. Once we determine why the under-performance exists, we can then take corrective measures. For instance, disciplining the “class clown”, getting the “monotone teacher” voice instruction and speech classes or switching that teacher to instructing classes that require less vocal instruction and more hands on instruction like, art, music, labs, etc. This doesn’t cost anything more than ink, paper, and an hour or two of one teacher’s time per subject. Kathyern says, “In order to fix our broken education system, I’d be willing to pay for that. Wouldn’t you?” Kathyern also believes we need to instill in our youth, the necessary education to transition from their parents’ house to living on their own (whether that is in a dorm-room or apartment.) Our young people need to know how to negotiate for a car, apartment, electricity, phone service, and what to expect in required deposits. They need financial instruction in order to at least learn about 401ks, IRAs, and the pitfalls in owning a credit card. They need to know how to type and how to write a check. They need to be instructed in owning a checking and a savings account. They need to be made aware of college scholarships and financial aid. They need to be made aware of CLEP tests and the valuable experience that volunteering gives them. Kathyern believes that longer school days in earlier years will give the schools time to implement this kind of transition-type instruction in the high school years, and as a bonus, eliminate a ton on “latch-key children” situations. This too, will create more jobs as more teachers will be required to implement this program. Giving our young people a “leg up” creates a better society for everyone.

Reform of Social Security

Beginning in 2016 (just 5 years from now) social security will begin to spend more than it takes in, and because social security is projected to be bankrupt by 2037 (just 26 years from now), there is no time to lose in overhauling this system. Each year that nothing is done adds $1-2 trillion dollars to the problem. With baby boomers beginning to retire next year (just 1 month from now) there is no more time to wait…not for Congress to make another committee to think about the problem, not for the next Presidential election, not even for another long, full-of- nothing  speech. We must act NOW if there is to be any social security for the coming generations. There was a plan put forward during the second Bush term that was designed by a democrat named Robert Pozen. His proposal needs to be looked at again. He wanted to use progressive indexing whereby benefits would grow fastest for the poorest and slowest for the wealthiest. There would be a sliding scale for everyone in between. This benefit growth formula would wipe out the vast majority of the Social Security shortage and then by allowing American citizens to earn higher returns through personal retirement accounts, we would eliminate the bankruptcy problem. Most Americans are familiar with 401K plans and this would be similar to that. This plan allows anything left over in the accounts after a person dies to be passed down to the next generation. Both Democrats and Republicans alike would not back this proposal back then (during Bush’s second term) except for a few of the younger Republicans. Additionally, when social security was first enacted people didn’t live as long as they do now. Now, people who retire at age 65 may live 30 more years. Social Security was never intended to cover people for such a long time. The amount of money taken from each person’s paycheck was not enough to sustain the length of time people will now be drawing from it. It is imperative that we adjust the age at which we may start to withdraw social security. Kathyern suggests raising the age gradually. For the baby boomers about to retire next year, who have planned for their retirement to start next year; she suggests keeping the incentives in place for them that says they will get more benefits per month if they retire at a later age. For her generation, she suggests making the starting retirement age 69 years old instead of 65 and for the generation after hers the starting retirement age will be 70 years old and then keep that age for the coming generations. Kathyern believes we need to get back to what social security was for…providing money to help people live without working in their final 10-20 years on this earth. She knows that what is paid in by all Americans to date is just not enough to retire on by itself and she sees the 401k aspect of this plan as a way to help provide more funds for retirement. Kathyern says, “I hope and pray that this time around our Congressmen and women forget what PARTY they belong to and just keep in mind what COUNTRY they belong to. This proposal WILL SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY and I urge all Americans to e-mail, write, and phone your Congressmen to get this proposal back on the floor and passed before January 2012, and urge them to outsource the people overseeing this plan to Fidelity or Merrill Lynch or some other well-known brokerage house.”


Welfare should be an Emergency Situation NOT a CAREER. Kathyern believes that we need to empower poor folks to get ahead in this life instead of keeping them dependent on small hand-outs that barely cover the necessities of life. She would like to see a program in place that gives benefits when needed, but also gives incentives to get ahead. For example: A young high school girl gets pregnant and has a baby. She then goes on welfare for housing and food. But even when she wants off of welfare how can she do it? If she gets a job to save for education or to get a reliable car to find better employment the welfare system penalizes her by cutting her cash benefits by the amount she earned. Worse yet, if her child is not in full time public school, she must pay nearly everything she earned at a minimum wage job to the daycare provider. Kathyern proposes a system whereby, the welfare recipient must be randomly drug-tested (because this plan calls for watching children), and if the drug test is negative, she is able to attend a 2-year or less vocational school of her choice on the tax-payer dime, while volunteering at a daycare facility (after given instruction by the daycare provider) for two days a week with five hour workdays. Each participant must volunteer their time in exchange for free daycare for her child or children. Once the welfare recipient has been in her new job for one year, she must start to pay back the cost of the schooling at a rate she can afford so that this program becomes self-sustaining. Her grades must be at least a “C” or better and she must attend all of her classes. (In emergency situations make-up work will be required.) This new rule would apply to both male and females…anyone on welfare that wants off of it. Kathyern believes welfare recipients should be randomly drug-tested anyway. If they are using illegal or illegally obtained prescription drugs, they lose their benefits, just as the taxpayer would lose their job if they are caught using during a random drug test. Basically, if the taxpayer must pass random drug tests to keep the job that pays for the welfare benefit check, then the welfare recipient should have no problem with taking random drug tests in order to get that check. Kathyern believes that everyone has a choice…stay in poverty or get out. The choice would ALWAYS be IN THEIR HANDS. This plan puts the power back in the people’s hands without it bankrupting the Nation. This plan lets everybody win!


Repealing ObamaCare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) will not just create jobs, as mentioned before, but will prevent a shortage of doctors and medical staff, eliminate the higher care costs associated with it and prevent longer wait times.(Michelle Bachmann led the charge in repealing ObamaCare and Kathyern agrees with her assessment on this issue.) Then we must turn our attention to Medicare and Medicaid programs. We must first and foremost eliminate the fraud in both of those programs. If we do that we eliminate almost a third of the cost of these programs. Newt Gingrich thinks outsourcing these payments to Visa, MasterCard, or American Express is the way to go and Kathyern agrees since the credit card companies have their fraud down to just one-tenth of one percent versus ten percent fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. We can urge Congress to pass a law to implement a central database similiar to the immunization database to eliminate duplicate testing of patients and errors due to illegible handwriting. Finally, if we set up a system similar to the plan for social security whereby each person contributes a small percentage of their pay each week into a healthcare fund set up like a 401k then over the long-term, people would have the medical funds necessary to pay premiums for healthcare insurance even at the age where most have to pay higher premiums and co-pays for any visits or hospital stays. Insurance companies should be induced to offer lower premiums to seniors who are in good health and a further discount on premiums if they continue preventative measures, regardless of the age of the patient. Nursing homes should have random unannounced visits by healthcare facilities inspectors, and any nursing home found to be neglectful in the care of a patient must be fined and/or shut-down and the patient must be compensated by the nursing home for the neglect based on what damage to the patient their neglect caused. Our government should give a monetary incentive to the two leading medical facilities (Intermountain Healthcare in Utah and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to share a duplicatable system with the other hospitals who can then tailor the system to their hospitals for the very best outcomes for their patients and the hospital. Government should never tell a person what type of insurance they MUST buy. The American people must be able to choose which doctor they want to use, what hospital they want to use, and what amount of money they are willing to pay for the services provided. A “one-size-fits-all” government plan eliminates choice, price competitiveness, and some of the people’s rights. Finally, health care funds show be allowed to roll-over any unused amounts into the next year indefinitely. No more “use it or lose it”. Really, where does it go when it is “lost”? It’s the taxpayer’s money. It should either roll-over or be taxed and then given back to the taxpayer.


Kathyern believes that the trade imbalance with China must be corrected as soon as possible. She believes that first our Nation MUST pay down debt owed to other nations as quickly as possible to prevent sending such a big portion of our money in interest payments to other countries. This is a HUGE SECURITY problem as American citizens now pay for other nations’ advancement as our own Nation spirals ever downward. American citizens pay for newer and more advanced military planes and boats for China while America simply up-grades our 20 plus years old planes and boats. America is paying another country to surpass us militarily by foolish borrowing and spending. This MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. Once our debt to China is paid we will be in a better negotiating position to get a better trade deal. Kathyern has already listed some other countries America should make FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS with in the Jobs Creation section.

Reduce Waste in the Military

As a former military spouse, Kathyern has seen many ways to reduce the amount the military spends just on bases with military housing. Military personnel with orders to bases that include bringing the family along are put on a waiting list for on-base housing. Sometimes it is years of waiting to be moved onto the base. During those years that the military family lives off-base, that family must pay for their own housing and utilities, but once they move on-base the housing is free and the family pays nothing for the utilities. Because the military family is already used to paying for housing and utilities, it is not such a strain to charge a small rent for the house and a small amount for the utilities. These fees could be charged on a sliding scale using the military members pay grade and family size. For instance a new military member without any stripes yet pays $100.00/month for the house and $50.00/month for utilities. (This in NO WAY reflects the amount the military must pay for utilities and on-base maintenance, but would take a chunk out of the military budget without impacting National Security or impacting the military member, since the military family was paying much more than that for off-base housing and utilities.) A member with one stripe might pay $110.00/month for the house and $55.00/month for utilities, up to $100.00 less than the lowest going rate for comparable off-base housing since the on-base housing is a perk for the military member. Utilities would max out at $75.00/month.

Also, when a military member is getting ready to re-locate, they can pack themselves and then the moving company packs the truck and weights it. The military pays the movers directly. Base housing can be up-graded gradually, using military personnel, starting with modifying the roof tops and tank water heaters to use mostly the sun to heat water. This is a low-cost modification and will save a lot of money in a short period of time, because usually hot water is 30% of the electricity used per household. Later some of the savings from that can be used to up-grade the base to use more solar and wind power, with electrical back-ups. Solar panels can be used to power street lights and with bigger purchases, on rooftops to power the homes. Our government can give tax incentives to any company that donates materials to the U.S. Government at a $2 for every $1 donated in materials at today’s costs. Military members should be required to turn off lights, TVs, and stereos when they leave the house, and use cost efficient light bulbs. This alone will cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from the military budget if done on just a few bases and much more if done on all U.S. bases Nation and Worldwide. Contracts for up-grades to planes and boats should be renegotiated so that waste at any level is discouraged. Kathyern worked as an aircraft electrician on commercial, corporate, and military contracts for over 16 years and has seen countless ways to perform the same task more efficiently. She has also seen where hourly wage employees waste several hours a day standing around talking instead of working. She believes that if the military is to make contracts with union run companies, then that contract must stipulate that workers can be dismissed from the project for poor work performance. The poor work performance rule is to be applied in non-union companies as well, but in union run shops, it is currently accepted practice to keep the employees the company puts on a project working on that project to completion. This too, will save the military countless dollars and down-time. Each contract will stipulate a bonus amount to be split among the laborers and management when new ideas are implemented that saves both time and money for the military. All military contracts to be scrutinized to ensure our government isn’t paying too much. For example: Compare hourly labor rates for avionics and mechanics with corporate repair station rates. The military pays almost double! The military should also avoid choosing businesses that are too top heavy. Management is overhead and is included in the price per hour. The military should make sure that the business it chooses for its projects has the proper tooling to complete the tasks in the project on site and that the chosen business has a system in place to ensure vendors get supplies to the business in a timely manner. Contracts should stipulate a deadline and a dollar amount penalty for each day the project is delayed. (Paid by the company to the military.) The perk some military retirees get to fly Space A for $20/trip needs to be adjusted. Intercontinental flights can be priced up to $75.00/trip and overseas flights priced up to $175.00/trip. Under no circumstances should the military retiree pay more than a commercial flight would charge and should pay $50.00 less if an in-state flight happens to be $75.00/trip commercially. This is still a good perk for the retiree and will further off-set military costs, enabling us to improve defense. The military should ask for suggestions once a month from military members for ways to improve on costs and man-hours and should be rewarded with a letter thanking them for their contribution as well as a monetary award of 2% of the cost savings that suggestion achieved for the military. This will let the military member have something in black and white to frame and hang on their wall and incentive to keep coming up with new and better ideas. This too will trim the costs in the military budget without sacrificing National Security and be an even better use of our military personnel. Military members will be counseled on preventive things they can do to prevent getting a sexually transmitted disease. Married military members who get a sexually transmitted disease will be required to get their spouse in to see a doctor ASAP. These two measures will help prevent the spread of disease and reduce the amount of medication a base needs to keep stocked. Additionally, families can deduct a portion of their insurance premium or get a cash award if they use preventive measures health-wise. For instance if they walk a certain number of miles per week, or work –out a certain number of hours per week. (These can be logged at the base gym for both the military member and the spouse.) Children should count as well, by how many hours per week they participate in sports activities at school ,YMCA, or the gym. Getting yearly physicals, dental and eye check-ups and mammograms or prostrate checks as age required add more monetary incentive. Losing weight, if needed, adds more monetary awards. Small monetary incentives to the family members adds up to big monetary gain due to less hospital stays and doctor visits. Again, savings in the military budget. Kathyern urges all American citizens to press congress to make these changes NOW, before they just start slashing our defense budget arbitrarily.

Improve Defense As already stated earlier our planes and boats are very aged and with the intense use of them in 4 wars at once, we are setting ourselves up to be hit and hit hard by another country if it so chooses. The very best deterrent is a strong and capable military. We must order newer aircraft, both fighters and bombers. We must build newer and better aircraft carriers and submarines. With the measures outlined above there is money to begin, but with North Korea now able to launch a missile that can reach Alaska now we MUST increase our missile defense.  Obama cut funding in 2009 for several promising anti-missile technologies and for additional and already funded ground-based interceptors. We MUST get Congress and Mr. Obama to put that funding back.  We are at war in 4 countries with many others planning attacks on America. Now is NOT the time for cutbacks on defense. This too would create jobs and improve the security of the American people, both at home and in the war zones. Defense spending should be at least 6% of GDP. It was only 3.81% in 2010. Kathyern urges the American People to e-mail, phone and write your Congressmen and women to get our defense back on track BEFORE we need it.


On December 13, 2008, President Bush and Prime Minister Maliki of Iraq finished the two agreements they had been working on since late 2007. One was called Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), which laid the legal predicate for keeping American troops in Iraq after the United Nations mandate expired at the end of 2008. This agreement also settled on a commitment to withdraw our forces by the end of 2011. If conditions changed and Iraqis requested a continued American presence, they could amend the SOFA and keep troops in the country.  The other agreement was called Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) which pledged long-term diplomatic, economic, and security cooperation between the two countries. We can begin withdrawing our troops now, a little at a time. Even a small shift will change how much we spend per day in Iraq and the Iraqi people will see that we intend to keep our end of the agreement. This can begin RIGHT NOW.

In Afghanistan-We need to supplement the 134,000 Afghan security forces with another force of 116,000 to effectively expand the Afghanistan National Army as expeditiously as possible, so that Afghanistan can assume responsibility for its own security and allow us to withdraw faster. Again, saving us huge amounts of money in the budget to up our defense spending and safely get our troops back home as quickly as possible. The fewer trainers there, the longer it will take. America needs to get more troops there and get the Afghanistan National Army trained as quickly as possible. Kathyern hopes we make an agreement similar to the one we made with Iraq, so that if the Taliban resurfaces and tries to reclaim Afghanistan as a place to plot terrorist attacks American fighting forces will immediately return and fight side by side with the Afghanistan National Army to drive them back or eliminate them. Once the Afghanistan National Army has proved itself in battle, it will be harder for the Taliban to simply come in and take over again. Plus, when the Taliban see that American forces will return immediately, they will be less likely to keep invading Afghanistan when there are other places to plot from. As the Afghanistan National Army expands on its own and trains its own people, the Taliban will cease to be a problem for the people of Afghanistan. We MUST support the training of the Afghanistan Army. Please ask Congress to send in 116,000 more for this purpose.

Libya and Yemen Since there was no formal announcement that America is at war with these countries, Kathyern asks all American citizens to write, phone, and e-mail their Congressmen and women to either immediately bring troops home from those countries or explain to the American people why they are there at all. What is the purpose of our troops in Libya and Yemen? What is the objective? What is the exit strategy? If American troops are there to protect and prevent mass slaughter, how are we doing it? Are we helping the rebels arm themselves, protect themselves and since both countries are so divisive how do we know we aren’t doing more harm than good? Kathyern believes we need to protect people from the fighting while we are there, but we need to get information and assimilate it FAST!

Prison Reform

Prisons – Both at the State and Federal levels need to become 90% self-sufficient. This step needs to start right now by giving tax incentives at $2.00 for every $1.00 donated in materials or labor by places like Wal-mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, feed mills, nurseries, etc. Any place that can and does donate green houses, gardening equipment, seeds, solar panels, wind turbines, labor for construction modification etc. Prisoners should be able to grow their own fruit and vegetables, and raise chickens for meat and eggs. Clothing can be hung outside to dry. Prisoners can bike ½ hour to generate electricity to power TVs, lights, washers, kitchen appliances etc. (There are so many prisoners today that each would only have to take a turn on the bike once every 3-5,000 days.) Prisoners that are violent, as in , beating, raping, or killing other prisoners can be drugged and gradually let off the meds as they learn to control their anger issues. Prisoners who want healthcare and lawyers must work to pay for this. Right now the taxpayer foots the bill for 3 square meals a day, all the medical and dental they need and legal costs. Prisoners can earn the money for these things by doing other non-ordinary work on or off the prison grounds as determined by the warden and /or state government. Rooftops can be modified in such a way as to get hot water warmed by the sun with a small adaptation to the hot water heater. Skylights can be put in to allow in more light that are too small for a person to fit through. Solar lights can be used with electric back-ups in prison yards and parking lots. Exercise should not involve things that build up muscle mass which makes the prisoner harder to control if violence breaks out. Weight-lifting should be removed from the prisoner program. Finally, PRISONS ARE MADE TO BE A PUNISHMENT; NOT A RESORT FOR CRIMINALS. Maybe if the time spent there wasn’t so “easy”, in the mind of the criminal, they wouldn’t keep going back! Keep the prisoners busy working on projects 8-10 hours a day, six days a week. The American People work 8-10 hour days and most Saturdays to keep a roof over our  heads and food in our mouths and prisoners should have to do no less. This would be a better way to rehabilitate than leaving them idle to learn new and better ways to wreak havoc on society when they get out again. Because most states usually spend anywhere from 9-11% of their budgets on prisons, these changes will free up 90% of that in their budgets, allowing the states to put that money on other programs or debt. Wardens and guards to pay for their own uniforms, states to pay for ammunition, training, vehicles, and payroll. Federal prisons to pattern after the state prisons. Kathyern believes this will free up money in an area not previously looked at for savings.

Passenger Facility Fees

These are fees you pay each time you purchase an airline ticket. These fees are turned over to the FAA. These funds are used to expand airports, but airports must first prove there is a need to expand by the amount of traffic coming in. These funds cannot be used for repairs and maintenance and the airports must apply for the funds. The FAA only gives out a small percentage of these funds to a few airports per year. The majority of this money just sits there in the bank doing nothing. Kathyern believes that 75-80% of this money could be used to pay down the debt RIGHT NOW!

Political Extravagance

Leases on cars and apartments for the Senators and Representatives should be paid for by the Senators and Representatives. If the taxpayer picks up the tab for this too, Kathyern believes it should be eliminated from the budget and our Congressmen and women pay for their own residences like we do. Many American citizens have had to take a cut in pay, work for no pay raise, or accept furloughs of up to a month without pay in order to keep their jobs. Many more have had to separate their families into different states or move and sell their homes at a loss in order to work at all. If Congress truly cared about the American people they would either 1. Reimburse the American people for the hardship our government has created for us or 2. Feel the pain with the American people and take a pay cut themselves. A 25% pay cut would work wonders for the moral of the American people and, as a bonus, that money could be used to pay down the debt too. Mr. Obama said he would “lead by example”, but we haven’t seen a pay cut from him either. If Mr. Obama reduced his current salary of $400,000 by 25%, that is $100,000 just from Mr. Obama, that could be placed against the debt. Can you imagine how much would be paid on the debt if all 100 Senators and 435 Representatives cut their salaries by 25% as well? The Senators and Representatives currently make $165,200/year. If they cut their salaries by 25% which would be $41, 300/year that amounts to 22 million 95 thousand and 500 dollars saved per year and with Mr. Obama’s contribution of $100,000 that equals a savings of $22,195,500.00/year. That all by itself will make a nice dent in the debt owed to China. One of the first things Kathyern intends to do as President is cut her salary by 25% and urge Congress to do likewise. Also, unlike Mr. Obama, Kathyern will NOT be throwing an inaugural ball until our debt is paid. She believes THAT would be a REAL cause for celebration! Kathyern also believes that when our economy is in such a bad shape as it is now, globe-trotting to sight-see is irresponsible and foolish. Kathyern believes our President should be prudent in how many vacations and trips he or she should take since the cost involved includes extra security and decoy planes and cars. Kathyern doesn’t understand why our President feels a need to vacation so often when most Americans cannot afford to vacation at all and the ones who do, have cut their vacation expenses down. Kathyern believes our President should limit his or her vacations to one week per year in office and take only family and security personnel. She believes that in this economy the President should be inviting world leaders here to the White House. Let them spend their money instead of us spending ours, or better yet use secure video conferencing or phone calls. This applies to the Vice President and Secretary of State as well. Speaking of the Vice President and Secretary of State… If Vice President Biden cut his current salary of $230,700 by 25% that would add an additional $57,674.00 in savings and if Secretary of State Clinton cut her salary of $186,600 by 10% that would be an additional savings of $18,660.00 for a combined savings of $76,334.00/year. Kathyern believes that the President, Vice-President and Congress should cut their salaries by 25% and that the remaining cabinet members should cut their salaries by 10%. These savings will add up and reduce our debt by a large chunk. Kathyern urges you to call, write, and e-mail these people over and over again until you see some progress in this area.

Cutting Out Redundant Programs

Senator Warner keeps trying to get $806 million dollars’ worth of redundant programs cut. This savings is found in just 17 programs in six federal agencies. He has been trying to get this amendment passed since June 2010. These 17 programs were approved to be cut by both Republican President Bush and Democrat President Obama. It makes sense to cut these programs since there are others that do the same thing. Senator Warner (D) is having a hard time getting Congress to pass these cuts since they affect voters in the other Senators’ local areas. But, if America is to get serious about making cuts then it absolutely should start with cutting out duplicate programs. The 17 programs Senator Warner identified are: High Energy Cost Grants, Public Broadcasting Grants, Resource Conservation and Development Program, Watershed and Flood Prevention Program, Public Telecommunications Facilities Grants, Academies for American History and Civics, Civic Education, Close-up Fellowships, Even Start, Foundations for Learning , Javits Gifted and Talented, Ready to Teach, Targeted Watershed Infrastructure Grants, Denali Commission (HRSA) , Delta Health Initiative (HRSA), Health Care Facilities and Construction (HRSA), and Brownfields Economic Development Initiative. Also in a report that Senator Coburn (R) pushed for, the Government Accountability Office, found $200 Billion in redundant programs. They found: 1. Food safety: 15 agencies are involved in implementing numerous federal laws. 2. Defense: Numerous redundancies in the purchasing of tactical wheeled vehicles, procurement, and medical costs. 3. Economic development: 80 different programs spread across numerous agencies, often with similar goals. 4. Surface transportation: More than 100 programs run by five divisions within the Department of Transportation deal with surface transportation. 5. Energy: Eliminating duplicative federal efforts to increase ethanol production could save $5.7 billion each year. 6. Government information technology: 24 federal agencies deal with information technology. 7. Health: The Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs could work together – instead of separately – to modernize their electronic health records systems. 8. Homelessness: More than 20 federal programs deal with homelessness. 9. Transportation Security Administration: Assessments of commercial trucking overlap with another federal agency. 10. Teachers: 82 programs that deal with teacher quality spread across multiple agencies. 11. Financial literacy: 56 programs dealing with financial literacy. 12. Job training: 44 employment and training programs. Kathyern believes with this much redundancy there is plenty of room for cuts while still keeping the programs in place. Kathyern urges every American citizen to call, e-mail, and write to their Congressmen and women to get rid of the redundant programs and put that savings on the debt. Kathyern further urges every American to check with their state, county, municipality and school districts to ask those entities to check their books for redundant programs where they can make cuts as well. The Government Accountability Office has also found that the Davis-Bacon wage determination process is flawed with 100 percent error rates. The Davis-Bacon Act was created to ensure that the purchasing power of the federal government did not lead to a decrease in construction wages, but in some cities wage rates on federal construction projects are double the local market’s wages while in others they are set to the minimum wage. This costs taxpayers $9 billion /year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics specializes in estimating wage rates accurately so Congress should require the Department of Labor to calculate Davis-Bacon federal wage rates using scientifically valid data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Our southern border is an excellent way for drug smugglers, and terrorists to enter our country as well as people just looking for a job. Today, the drug cartels have poured into our country in record time. They have set up look-outs in the mountains north of Tucson to find the Mexican families coming across looking for work and to spot the border patrol. This information is then radioed to their counterparts so they can avoid the border patrol and stop the Mexican families. Many times, the drug smugglers kill the women and children and make the men carry the drugs across the border. In Arizona, state parks have posted signs that there is no longer any overnight camping allowed. (It is too dangerous).The border must be secured but now the problem is much bigger than that. Once, it was a matter of keeping the drug cartels and terrorists out of the United States…now it is a matter of finding them and sending them to prison. As for the people looking for work…Kathyern believes it is too dangerous for them to be attempting to cross, but they do it in a desperate attempt to feed their families. Kathyern believes that only by helping create a good work environment at home in Mexico and helping the Mexican government to catch the drug cartels will the illegal immigration be resolved. Kathyern believes that temporary work visas could be issued as the market demands for the Mexican people in the meantime. Blanket Amnesty should not be done since it would cover sleeper terrorists and drug lords that are still under the radar as well as Mexican workers. By helping with economic development in Mexico, and aiding in catching the drug cartels, reforming the current U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to better handle legal immigration and find a way to get the workers to pay for some of their own healthcare costs, and enforce immigration and workplace laws we can eliminate much of the cost to America that an unsecured border costs us. Leaving our southern border unsecured costs Mexican and American lives and THAT is too high a cost for both countries!


As discussed earlier in this section under Job Creation, building new nuclear reactors would provide sustainable and CO2-free energy. While these power plants do emit some radiation, the amounts are environmentally insignificant and pose no threat. Remember, Kathyern said earlier the risk is almost non-existent with today’s technology and regulations. Kathyern herself would be willing to live near a nuclear reactor. This would also create jobs. Additionally, America needs to be sure NOT to pass a cap and trade measure. Electricity producers, petroleum refiners, and natural gas distributors would have to obtain permits from the federal government for a fee, for every ton on CO2 emissions they produce. Cap and trade becomes just an energy tax of huge proportions that will result in income losses, job losses, and mounting debt-all for a negligible difference in the earth’s temperature. Kathyern proposes instead to open a contest for these types of industries which offers a large monetary prize or tax credits for any company that can cut their CO2 emissions by 25%. As well as another large monetary prize to any individual, company, university, or research center that can come up with a green energy product that can be produced at the same or less costs than what these CO2 emitting companies currently pay. When companies are taxed more, that cost is passed on to you. Kathyern is concerned about the warming of the planet too, but we must find cost-effective solutions. States that will mainly be affected by the cap and trade costs will be states that have a mostly manufacturing workforce and /or reliance on coal power generation. This consists of 30 of the 50 states. (Huge revenue for the government until those companies have to shut down or lay off their employees). America cannot afford more job losses and higher taxes. This cap and trade is NOT the solution for America. In addition to that we can create more jobs by allowing drilling for natural gas and domestic oil within the U.S. borders. With 66% of all U.S. crude oil being imported from other countries, it only makes sense to start drilling here.

Limiting the Power of the EPA and FOOD and DRUG Administration

Kathyern believes that both of these entities have gotten so big they now wield power that was never intended for them to have. For instance, some say we should just get rid of the “job-killing” EPA, but this action would have devastating effects on our environment. The Environmental Protection Agency was created to help ensure that we don’t end up poisoning ourselves by doing foolish things like dumping mop water down storm drains. It keeps us from getting chemicals in our bodies through thoughtless acts like dumping motor oil on the ground, but when it regulates and makes laws that end up causing a business to not be able to operate, it has gone too far. The EPA needs to be overhauled so that set limits are imposed as to what the EPA is allowed to do and in situations where there is a new problem, there should be a discussion as to the proper course of action to take. As new and better sources of energy are created and new chemicals are created to do different things, we must be ready with safe handling procedures and fines for unsafe handling, but if what the EPA does is limit innovation, then America is sunk. The Food and Drug Administration also needs to be overhauled, because it has a history of harassing people who push healthy food choices over medication to prevent or cure disease. This is NOT their function, nor is it their function to walk all over the religious rights of a church by telling them they cannot hold bake sales to raise money for their congregation. They also should NOT be trying to come onto your property to inspect your personal vegetable garden. Nor impact your religious right to give some of the surplus from your personal garden to the poor. Kathyern believes that each of these agencies are needed, but their power must be limited.

Separation of Church and State

Some Americans take this to mean that our political leaders cannot speak of their personal religious beliefs and this is entirely wrong. Separation of Church and State simply means that our leaders cannot dictate what religion an individual must practice, but as our Founding Fathers showed us time after time in their speeches, writings, and national monuments, they never intended the mention of God to be eliminated from State functions. Many leaders throughout the ages have relied on religion to keep the people productive and happy, as well as, keep the peace. No matter what religion a person practices, those people are usually more productive in the workplace, willing to help their neighbor, contribute to charities, spend quality time with their children and spouse, have fewer traffic accidents and are less stressed. Plus they rarely commit violent crimes. None of these things are bad for a society. Many of these qualities help to sustain it. And even though Thomas Jefferson wrote about separation of church and state, he still attended church services in government buildings and didn’t object to the wording of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” He also said, “The God who gave us life gave us liberty.”  Kathyern urges all American citizens to register to vote. And when election day comes around…VOTE! Your VOTE is the only VOICE you have.

Election Reform

In nearly every election cycle one candidate yells, “Fraud or cheat”. Investigations that have been carried out over the years show clearly that there is cheating involved. Some machines that don’t punch clearly through are placed in districts that aren’t for a particular candidate because a punch that doesn’t go all the way through is tossed out. In other instances, felons who are not allowed to vote get their vote counted ,as well as, people who aren’t felons getting their votes tossed out because someone labels them as felons. Additionally, illegals are voting when they have no legal right to vote in the elections. People who have already died have had their vote counted and military personnel stationed overseas have had their ballots tossed out because they did not get here in time. To stop most of this from happening, Kathyern recommends using the same type of machine Nationwide and requiring photo ID issued by a state or federal government to be presented, as well as proof of residency. She further recommends getting agencies to work together to cross check information presented at the ballot places. This could be done by making all federal databases at the Social Security Administration and the immigration and customs divisions at the Department of Homeland Security available to state election officials to verify the citizenship status of registered voters. Additionally death certificates can be cross checked against a voter registration and states should purge individuals who have not voted in two federal elections as long as they are sent written notice warning them that they will be removed unless they contact election officials within a certain time frame. Require all federal courts to notify state election officials when individuals whose names are drawn from their registration rolls are excused from jury duty because they claim they are not U. S. citizens. Facilitate voting by overseas members of the military by requiring that all absentee ballots being sent to overseas voters be mailed by states 60 days prior to the election deadline or alternatively by express mail or electronic means so the ballots will be received by voters in time to be returned. The Department of Defense should also provide for express mail return of completed absentee ballots from overseas military installations. Require state and local election officials to verify the accuracy of new voter registration information against other available state and federal databases like Department of Motor Vehicles driver’s license records and Social Security Administration records. Require an individual who registers by mail to vote in person the first time they vote unless they are an absentee voter or affected by the Voting Accessibility of the Elderly and Handicapped Act. Require all individuals who register to vote through the use of mail-in forms, whether they are mailed back to election officials or hand-delivered by the individual or third-party organizations, to comply with the applicable HAVA provision which requires persons who register to vote by mail who have not previously voted in a federal election to provide a copy of certain identification documents when they register or when they vote for the first time. Require all third-party organizations (like ACORN) that conduct voter registration drives to put the name of their organization and the volunteer or employee handling each registration on the voter registration form and require all completed forms to be returned to election officials by such organizations within ten days of the date the forms were executed by the voter. Require the state to enter into agreements with other states, especially neighboring states, to compare voter registration lists to find voters who are registered in more than one state. Kathyern further thinks that an Independent candidate shouldn’t have to wait to solicit signatures from voters until AFTER the primaries are over and the Independent shouldn’t be limited to ONLY asking for signatures from voters that hadn’t voted in the primaries. The primaries are a way for the Democrats and Republicans to narrow the field in their OWN parties, but because of these rules an Independent has NO CHANCE of becoming President. These unfair rules limit the American people to a two-party system and doesn’t allow for free choice which is what America is all about. Kathyern is currently running as a Republican but had hoped to run as an Independent and knows first-hand the problems facing Independent candidates. Kathyern urges all American citizens to get these rules in place BEFORE the next election and to eliminate the current discriminatory practice against Independents before the 2016 election year.


I am asking all the governors of all the states and the territories to call for a constitutional convention. It takes 34 states to call for one and 38 to get an amendment passed.  I am asking for all of you to agree to get an amendment in place that will prevent the excessive spending in Washington. I hope you will all agree to make an amendment or amendments that will do the following:

First, we make an amendment that spells out what a Constitutional Convention may NOT change…basically the fundamental form of our government and the people’s rights under that government.  For instance the three branches and their limited powers should be enforced not changed and the fact that our rights are given to us by the Creator and not our government should be enforced and not changed. A constitutional convention should be called to amend new threats to our constitution, provide incentives to follow the constitution and add amendments as needed for our changing times…for instance new technological advances may mean that we need to address those issues alone with an amendment, but we should never change the intent of the Constitution which is to keep the government’s power limited and for the people to choose who will lead them and put a stop to the expansion of our Federal Government.

If our elected government officials actually followed the Constitution, there would be no need to call for a Constitutional Convention in the first place, but because they continually grab power that was never intended for them to have (think The National Defense Authorization Act for instance), we are left with only one choice to try to fix this. However, we must be careful NOT to write amendments in such a way as to change our form of government.
The American people should also take the time to see what our “leaders” are doing! And vote OUT the bad ones. Members of Congress get voted back in 80-90% of the time, based solely on name recognition instead of job performance. I hope and pray that this election cycle, the American people actually check our Senators’ and Representatives’ job performance BEFORE casting a vote. Until then, I hope we call for the Constitutional Convention by all 50 states and get these amendments in place:

Our Federal Government must keep a balanced budget at all times or our elected officials will accept a 25% pay cut until it is balanced. This includes the President’s salary as well. This is a retroactive amendment to give our current “do-nothing” Congress incentive to actually try to problem solve.

In order to pass a bill, all of the members of Congress must have read and understood what is in the bill, as well as possible consequences of enacting the bill. A bill must address only one issue at a time. No more “backdoor” pork will be added. Examples of this: ObamaCare has something about education in it. A healthcare bill should only address Healthcare. An educational bill should only address Education.

Telephone service should have the number 1 key designated for translation services. When a call is made, a person may push 1 to automatically hear translation services and push whichever number corresponds to the language they need. This is similar to the 911 number being designated for emergencies only. This will speed up getting services for the consumer and get problems resolved faster for the companies.

No “blanket amnesty” can ever be given to any illegals in the United States no matter how long they have lived here illegally, even if they have no criminal record, because this is a dangerous precedent to set. Some drug dealers and some terrorists have never been caught and thus have no criminal record either. They too would be covered under “blanket amnesty.”

America’s laws apply to Americans. People here illegally have no reason to expect to be treated under the American rule of law. Illegals should be handled by whatever the law is in the country they came from. Maybe this will act as a deterrant for illegal immigration and as incentive to come here legally.
America’s laws apply to all of her citizens including our elected officials regardless of title.

Whenever any government official is called before Congress in an investigative manner, an answer of “I don’t know.” will no longer be acceptable. If the head of a government agency answers, “I don’t know.” in an investigation…it would signal a time to re-evaluate that person’s position. No agency head should keep their job if they don’t know what is going on in their own department.

A gridlock in Congress over any issue that lasts longer than two weeks, will be cause to re-evaluate those people’s positions as well.  It is ridiculous to hear Senators and Representatives that make over $400/day, (when many American families survive on that or less/week), say that they can’t resolve an issue.
They are paid to resolve issues. If they can’t or won’t work together than they should consider a different type of job!

Senators and Representatives will no longer be allowed to vote, “Present”. This is a non- vote. They are paid to make choices, so they must answer “for” or “against”; “yea” or “nay”; “yes” or “no”.

Vacations for Presidents and Vice-Presidents will be limited to one week for each year in office. Example: One week of vacation in the first year, two weeks in the second year and so on. Vacations are limited to immediate family members and security detail.

Whenever a federal budget is not balanced, no trips outside the continental United States will be authorized unless we are at war. Heads of other countries will be invited to the White House instead for whatever “talks” need to happen.

Senators and Representatives will pay for their own cars and apartments.

Anytime America gets involved in an unprovoked war, our Federal elected officials (Congress, the President and Vice President) will take a 25% salary cut until the war is over.

The tax system will be overhauled. 12% sales tax will be the final tax on all American citizens. No more loopholes or credits. This will put a larger amount in each person’s paycheck. No tax on food. 2% of that tax is designated to pay down the debt and the other 10% must cover everything else.

Social Security will be reformed by passing Mr. Pozen’s proposal from the Bush administration.

Social Security funds will be managed by one of the non-government brokerage houses.

Medicaid and Medicare funds will be handled by American Express for a fee to reduce the fraud, waste and abuse in these systems.

If these items end up as amendments to our Constitution, it will go a long way towards stopping some of the mindless spending and irresponsible acts in Washington, so I urge all of you to support and implement these amendments. Our Federal government won’t…so we must!

There is a petition on Paul Antinori’s website htt://    I think his approach is the best place to start by getting the general wording changed to be a little more specific in its meaning.  Then, with the government actually working as our Founding Fathers intended, we can get the above passed in bills instead of amendments. I like Paul Antinori’s approach because he does NOT seek to change our FORM of government, but rather make our government behave in the way it was originally intended. His experience on the Supreme Court, as well as, his trial experience makes him an expert on these matters…in my opinion.